Tomka Girovska

Tomka Girovska is a Reiki Practitioner who through her own personal healing journey in using natural health modalities was drawn to become a Reiki Practitioner as a way now to heal others.

Through personal experience and turning to various forms of energy healing instead of western  medicine, the missing piece of the puzzle fell into place when she discovered Chiropractic many years ago, which led her to renewed health and a new life path and journey.  This new journey led Tomka to study, research and explore natural health and to understand how “energy” can affect us on a deeper level.  This journey continues. She enjoys helping people suffering anxiety and panic disorders.





If you or someone you know is suffering from some health issues and they are looking at taking a natural approach to managing these issues, then our practice may be the right place.
We also offer a range of supportive health and nutrition products, and workplace health services.

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