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When it comes to providing family care, we take your concerns and peace of mind seriously. Where health is concerned, there is no ‘One size fits all’ answer. That is why at Body in Balance Chiropractic, we care for your family members as individuals and offer each individualized assessment and care.

Our practitioners are qualified and experienced so you can rest assured that your Chiropractic care will be appropriate for children and adults at any age or stage of development. In our Caulfield clinic, our Chiropractors will welcome you into a professional,  comfortable environment, and then using the latest diagnostic equipment and clinical knowledge, we will assess your family’s spines. From newborns to great-grandmothers we welcome your entire family into our practice with open arms. Chiropractors study for five years and are qualified to work with all people at all ages and stages of their development.

We know that your family’s health is your top priority and we encourage communication between you and you other health care providers and us.  Experience tells us that when a family has a team of professionals working together to maintain their health and promote wellness the best outcomes are achieved.  Working with your GP, Dentist, Orthodontist, Physiotherapist is important for your family and at Body In Balance Chiropractic we are happy to communicate with everyone in your health care team.

At Body in Balance Chiropractic , exceptional health care is the most important service we can offer you and your family, but we also want you all to enjoy the journey along the way. From our fun for kids “Spine Club”  charts with cool stickers to collect and prize box to choose from at the end of a care program to getting involved on our social media pages, Body In Balance Chiropractic is a fun place to be in.  Our friendly and highly qualified staff pride themselves on offering your family a professional, and friendly service. When you leave one of our clinics after care, we know you will feel assured by the care your family has received.

Can Chiropractic help you?

If you have a question regarding a health issue you or a family member is experiencing, please contact one of our chiropractors  today for confidential help.

If you or someone you know is suffering from some health issues and they are looking at taking a natural approach to managing these issues, then our practice may be the right place.
We also offer a range of supportive health and nutrition products, and workplace health services.

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