What is clinical myotherapy?

The word ‘Myotherapy’ is derived from the Greek ‘Myo’, meaning muscle. A Clinical Myotherapist is a multi-skilled physical therapist whose treatments focus on the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of muscle therapy. The goal is to maintain and achieve normal integrity of the body’s soft tissue structures (muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body).

When the muscles in our body become ‘knotted’, soft tissue and/or joint mobility may become affected, which can lead to problems in other areas of the body. In Myotherapy, ‘knotted’ areas of the muscular system are referred to as ‘Trigger points’. They can be caused by sports, accidents, poor posture, your workplace ergonomics, disease and emotional stress. Left untreated, they can cause stiffness or soreness in joints and muscles, severe headaches, back pain or chronic diffuse pain throughout the body.

Clinical Myotherapists detect and deactivate these trigger points and apply treatments that reduce and eliminate soreness or nagging referral of pain, and aid recovery. At Body in Balance, our Clinical Myotherapists offer a range of therapies in Melbourne including:

– Dry Needling & Cupping
– Soft tissue manipulation
– Joint mobilisation
– Thermal therapies, both hot and cold
– Myofacial stretching.

If you or someone you know is suffering from some health issues and they are looking at taking a natural approach to managing these issues, then our practice may be the right place.
We also offer a range of supportive health and nutrition products, and workplace health services.

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