Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Do you or someone you know have chronic lower back pain?  I’m guessing your answer is yes, with the majority of the population in Australia suffering from lower back pain at some point throughout their lives.

Known sometimes as lumbago, lower back pain can be debilitating, leaving the sufferer unable to complete day-to-day tasks of simply getting up out of bed, showering or getting dressed.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts more than 12 weeks.  As you may imagine this can really wear a person down so that we see that people suffering from chronic pain are often not terribly happy individuals.  The pain can become exhausting and result an inability to enjoy or even participate in sports and other hobbies, work and even just complete everyday activities.

The good news is that help is at hand!  In fact for many people, back pain can be prevented or managed with appropriate lifestyle changes and care.

Stay Active

Staying or getting active is one of the best and most important steps you can take to strengthen your spine, reduce the severity of chronic pain symptoms and improve overall wellbeing.  Regardless of the type of activity, maintaining correct posture whilst you’re doing the activity is important.  For help with postural advice talk to one of our Chiropractors at Body In Balance Caulfield.

Become Aware of your Posture

Poor posture increases pressure on your spine and can cause tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue.  Correcting your posture keeps the body in its best natural position. This may reduce wear and tear of joints or degeneration, relieve stress and improve your overall health.

Consult Your Chiropractor

Australian Chiropractors have completed a 5 year university degree and are government regulated.  Chiropractors are qualified to address musculoskeletal disorders and can help relieve the symptoms of chronic lower back pain. Even at the early stages of acute back pain, our chiropractors can advise you on the appropriate measures to take.

It’s never too early or too late to take steps to improving your spinal health.  Changing habits and improving overall lifestyle can help prevent chronic back problems and may also address other health issues. Call us for help today on 9509 4657.

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You Can Use the Straighten Up Australia App to help you correct your posture and have a healthy spine.

Straighten Up Australia App

Straighten Up Australia App


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